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Thread: Zonehacks 2001

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    Zonehacks 2001

    Wow what a feeling to stroll down memory lane and look this site up only to still find it here.

    I'm glad. This feels like the only place left from that whole msn gaming zone era. I was about 11 when I started messing around with visual basic thanks to my days and nights spent in the Checkers/Ants lobbies using mindst0rm/tightwad/pytroe progs ,which looking back was really silly to be in a checkers clan but I was apart of FoA & SoH. I'm talking 1999 till like 2004/5 I was on there. I Remember all the great tools and creators. I looked up to a lot of ppl and had you guys on my MSN Messenger list. Jamie (Ssynthesis) , Specific, even remember RANCID's display name it was something like "RANCID //" i believe. Good times I had messing with VB6, i was definitely a script kiddie lol. Sad to see how zone turned out and such a great website was remodeled to a bullshit robotic 1v1. Nothing like that ZoneFriends list and those lobbies, or getting a ZM with that cheesy popping sound effect it made. Anywho just wanted to drop by and say that those were some of the coolest memories as far as my internet life goes (and frankly my social life aswell) and i'm sure everyone is old as fuck by now lol but kudos to everyone apart of that era. Jamie was always cool as fuck too, I used to roast ppl in zone lobbies he'd jump in if he happened to be around, and those group msn messenger chats were hilarious. Not even MSN messenger is still around. Shit does know of a possible return to how zone used to be? probably not likely I'm assuming. Bastards. I was looking for old clan sites and scraps of what used to be websites with all the progs and scripts but nothing really remains except zh. Atleast screenshots of old lobbies are still around, the nolstagia is heavy. Any who I hope you guys have a great 4th of july and I'll be checking back for whatever reason.


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    Re: Zonehacks 2001

    If you do some searching on this forum, you'll find a post to a link I made of a collection of screenshots I had!
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