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Thread: Things to know about Content Management Systems

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    Content Management Systems (CMS) is a very efficient tool to manage the websites and the content within it. Before choosing a CMS for your website, you need to have a thorough understanding of your requirements and the features you intend to include in it. Here are some important features you need to look out for:
    Functionality - CMS should perform basic features like creating, deleting, editing and organizing web pages. Simple CMS solutions are available that allow creation of content but organize it according to the default settings. Always make sure that you have total control over the contents of your web pages. You may feel that you don't need the organizing features in the present, but you cannot be sure that you wouldn't need it in the future.
    Managing the content - CMS should enable content managers to manage the images and files of a website efficiently. Basic editing tools like cropping, resizing, rotating etc should be available. In addition to this, CMS should be able to add and attach PDFs, Word documents and other files and how they are displayed to the website users.
    Customizing the content - A good Content Management System should be flexible enough to accommodate your needs and requirements, rather than follow the default settings available in the technology. This allows the content manager to treat data and content separately.
    User Interaction - The CMS should either allow user feedback or allow a third party plug-in to do the same. If you have a feedback forum on your website, then your CMS should enable options for chat, comments, ratings and other user interaction tools. The CMS should enable you to post forms and collect responses. The most essential purpose of a CMS is to allow tasks like customization of fields without having any technical expertise. Apart from this, the CMS should also provide tools to communicate with your customers.
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    CMS is simple to create and easy to use.Using CMS you can edit or add a new section to a website. There are different types of CMS that are available today.

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    Re: Things to know about Content Management Systems

    I want to write my CMS.
    I have a problem.
    How can I remove prefix all files in the URL?
    Ex. index.php (browser side) -->suf_index.php (file side)

    I know my English really bad!. Sorry...

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