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Thread: Howdy Yall

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    Howdy Yall

    Despite not being a southerner, I do prefer the lingo and drawl... especially in written/typed form

    I have been learning PHP on and off for the last year or so, now things are heating up because I got a Job! (hooray me!)
    The greater demand for coding and software engineering has led me to rediscover my passion for programming and I very much look forward to using the forum and hearing from the community the various tips and tricks to advance my skillz and perhaps even contribute back into the community to help out some others.

    So come on cowboys and cowgirls (of which I'm suspecting there aren't many lol) and lets have us a webdev rodeo! Yeehaw!

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    Re: Howdy Yall

    You sure are enthusiastic! I look forward to you joining in and starting new conversations. Feel free to ask any questions or suggest topics you want to cover, there are a lot of knowledgeable members here for a vast array of programming/scripting languages.

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